About me

I am a visual artist and use my creative practice as a way of noticing and thinking about the world and the things in it.  I tend to work with ‘immediate’ methods such as sketchbooks, photography or speed drawings with ink and charcoal, to create direct responses. I also experiment with printmaking, collage, digital and the written word. 
The creative process is not settled thing, but something fluid and uncertain. I move between a few ideas that may be going at on at once. I’m often inspired by daily life: people in the street, at markets, commuting, at gigs and clubs. During lock downs – when those usual sources disappeared indoors – I began drawing dogs being walked on the street. I’m currently interested in our relationships with museum objects, and with the ‘feel’, rather than the look, of landscape.
Although I’ve been at it for a few years now, I still feel like I am just beginning and that’s an interesting place to be.