I am a participant in a supportive development programme at the Sainsbury Centre, Norwich, called ‘Ways of Working’. In the winter of 2022/23 we were asked to respond to the collection and share our work.

Currently the histories and ethics around diverse cultural collections is, rightly, undergoing a vital discussion and transformation. I decided to explore my understanding and feelings about that debate. I did this by messing about with the SCVA gallery catalogue: ‘Masterpieces’. I began by cutting out all the non-European art objects, and then the non-british archealogical objects, wondering what it would look like without them. Some interesting things began to happen – overlapping images, accidental collages of absence, and surprising connections. It reminded me that the dialogue is important, and that the dialogue will change, not end.

The book used for these collages was ‘Masterpieces of the Sainsbury Centre’ published by the Sainsbury Centre of Visaul Arts, UEA, edited by Ian Collins and with photographs taken by James Austin and Pete Huggins.